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  The newly designed 95 MKII's consist of a new 5.25 inch woofer in a  MTM configuration and high efficiency .75 inch tweeter assembly.  The drivers are a full range design based on the same frame  as the earlier 95. That is where the similarities stop.  The new drivers have a much smoother and more extended frequency response at both ends of the spectrum  which enables them to be utilized with no crossover parts whatsoever.  The speakers pull an even more incredible vanishing act than the earlier 95's!!  These speakers are designed to mate with amps that can handle a 4 ohm load.    A lower impedance pulls more power and more detail from the majority of all well designed amplifiers.  With the 95 MKII 95 db efficiency rating, new full range drivers and 3ohm minimum load they get every ounce of performance out of high performance amplifiers.  The dynamic capability of the  95 MKII  is truly amazing !!  Keeping with the philosophy that simple is better.

The 95 MKII's use the very highest quality capacitor on the tweeter section.  The Mundorf Supreme Caps are considered by many audiophiles to be the most musical cap currently on the market.  The 95 MKII's signal path is as simple as it gets, fullrange low-mid section, and a single super high quality cap on the tweeter. This allows the system to be very  revealing,  quick, and detailed!    The wire utilized in the 95 MKII's is a solid core ultra high purity wide bandwidth design, this allows the drivers to operate at their full potential.   Inside the cabinets Deflex panels are utilized to control standing waves and increase the speed, dynamics, and focus of the speaker system.

The Rated sensitivity is 95db and the frequency response is rated from 55-23khz. 




Tweeter Woofer Sensitivity

Two way

(1)  .75" (2)  5.25" 95db 1w/1m

Bass Reflex

High Eff Dome PPP Paper Cone 4 ohm


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