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Our mission at Parker Audio is simple... providing High Resolution speaker systems at affordable prices. Our systems typically outperform the competitions offerings costing 2-4 times the price.  Our products are proof that one does not have to spend excessive amounts of money to achieve high end sound reproduction.   Parker Audio provides the ultimate in custom manufactured High Efficiency loudspeakers.  They are designed to effortlessly  bring out the subtle nuances of music and reveal what the engineers had envisioned in the recording process. 

Parker Audio products are sold factory direct, eliminating the mark ups of distributors and retailers.  Try a set of Parker Audio Speakers and see what your system is truly capable of.

We have redesigned our cabinets,  they are now all bookshelf designs.  The fit and finish is of the highest quality.  The pic on the left shows the new cabinets as they look with the 95 MKII driver compliment.  All designs have curved sides, extensive bracing and 1" thick front baffles.  The cabinets are offered in a Piano Black Lacquer and Cherry finishes.  Check out our products page for more detailed information on the speakers systems. 

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